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Marissa Douglas is a junior at Sehome High School, and this is her first year in journalism. Her goal is to become a better reporter and writer. While she is somewhat involved in school through clubs, Douglas hopes journalism will help her to become more involved with the Sehome community. She’s a Mariner Mentor and president of Diversity In Action club (DIA), a club which supports and represents diversity within the school. She enjoys working behind the scenes in the school plays, taking part in activities such as sound engineering. Outside of school, Douglas loves to hang out with her two lovely dogs, Chili and Pepper. Her dogs get very excited when people say, “Jesus”, “God”, or “Do you want to go to church” around them (See profile photo for reference). This quirk is not a joke nor does anyone know why the dogs do it. Douglas also enjoys watching TV shows like Friends and Psych and occasionally takes time out of her day to pretend she knows how to watercolor paint. She does not. Her favorite dinosaur is the triceratops because Cera in The Land Before Time was cool. Ducky the saurolophus is a close second. If she had to be a dinosaur, she would be a velociraptor because they are agile and vicious, which are helpful qualities when you live with other vicious, and often large dinos. But, in case of a zombie apocalypse, Douglas would turn into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and eat! All! Of! The! Zombies!!!

Marissa Douglas, Reporter

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