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Linnea DeVange, news editor for The Rising Tide, is a senior at Sehome High School. This is her first year reporting for The Rising Tide. DeVange is involved in the Sehome community through Girl's Soccer, Science Olympiad, Hiking Club, Club de Lectura, and volunteering with the childcare program. She has also participated in SHS choir and robotics. Outside of Sehome, DeVange enjoys singing, WJMAC, jazz choir, and painting. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, DeVange would move in with her grandma, as her grandpa is a hoarder and has about 300 liters of water stored in his basement. If that was not an option, she would run to Edgemore where she would rob her friend who has a lamborghini and closet full of guns. If DeVange could be any dinosaur, she would be a velociraptor. This is because she enjoyed their role in the movie Jurassic Park, as well as the fact that they are vicious and run in packs. DeVange considers these potential dinosaur alliances valuable in prehistoric times.

Linnea DeVange, News Editor

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Linnea DeVange