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Jacob Alexander is a senior at Sehome, and the Editor-In-Chief of The Rising Tide. Alexander is also Co-Editor-In-Chief, Co-Editor-Of-Design, and Sports Editor of the Windjammer. Alexander is Captain of the Cross Country team and Track team. Outside of school, Alexander hangs out with friends, listens to music, and enjoys some quiet time at the lake. Alexander loves to make films and hopes to pursue a career in the film industry. In the abnormal situation of a zombie apocalypse, Alexander would go to Costco, due to their remarkably competitive prices, variety in supplies, and abnormally large quantities. Alexander would drive his car straight through the front doors, and begin to fill his car with non perishable food, clothes, and supplies. He would then drive to his house and drop off the supplies. He would the repeat he process as many times as possible until there are no supplies left at Costco. While doing this, he would also fill up gas cans using his debit card with $9.48 on it. With the currently ridiculous cost of gas, Jacob would run his card as credit, knowing that during a zombie apocalypse, the banks would understand. He would use the spare wood in his garage to barricade the windows of his house and add some features making an impenetrable fortress. After six grueling months, Alexander’s home would become an empire, a safe haven, and a home for all common folk. Through hunting, farming, and war, his empire would become the dominant force of the northwest. He would travel south and partner with the farming community of Burlington, led by Coleman Brummel and his army or WarCows. Together, they would bring order to the northwest, and create a safe, orderly, and sustainable nation, and eliminate the zombie threat once and for all.

Jacob Alexander, Editor in Chief

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