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Garret Capristo is a junior at Sehome High School. This is Capristo's first year being a reporter for The Rising Tide. Capristo has been apart of the varsity tennis team and the varsity dive team for two years. Outside of Sehome, Capristo is an avid city rock basketball player and also enjoys knitting. Capristo's favorite movie is National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. In a zombie apocalypse, Capristo would go to Home Depot and raid the seed section. After raiding the seed section, Capristo would stock up on canned foods, pots, water filters, and duct tape.  After obtaining everything, Capristo would get a lot of gasoline and take a motor boat to a small island in Hawaii called Kahoolawe. Kahoolawe is a place where the Military train their men, which means there would be shelter and people in trained combat to help. When in Hawaii, Capristo will clear out the small island with the military of any zombies and start the farm as soon as possible and survive off the canned food and the food already there until the seeds will grow.

Garret Capristo, Reporter

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