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Colman is Junior at Sehome High School and this is his first year in journalism, for his English credit this year, he decided to be part of The Rising Tide newspaper at Sehome High School. Many of the interests that Colman has, he likes to dance, he joined the Sehome High School Dance Team this year and he is loving it. Colman enjoys being outdoors, even if it is just walking on the sidewalks with his friends. Colman was born in Venezuela; he is Latino, and he is proud of it. Gabriel likes learning languages, he currently speaks English, Spanish, French, some Italian as well as some ASL. Outside of Sehome, Colman enjoys having family time with his parents and sisters and with the Venezuelan community here in Bellingham. Colman loves politics, specially here in the United States, he likes to spend time reading supreme court cases and how it relates to how politics are nowadays. If there was a zombie apocalypse, Colman would go to the closest hypermarket and get all the food and supplies he would need potentially for the rest of his life, if lucky, he would also get weapons with which he can defend himself from the zombies, and if he could, he would be a Quetzalcoatl during the apocalypse so he could go to the highest places on earth where the zombies would be able to reach.

Gabriel Colman, Reporter

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Gabriel Colman