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Coleman Brummel is a senior and sports editor of The Rising Tide. Brummel is going into his second year on staff and his first year as an editor of paper. In his free time, Brummel enjoys to run cross country, hang out with his friends, and tend his fields in Burlington, where he currently resides. Brummel is a world class farmer and holds the world record for the fastest time to complete the Burlington Farmer Relays. The previous record holder, the editor and chief of The Rising Tide, Jacob Alexander, had absolutely no chance against Brummel’s superb Burlington farmer skills. On another note, if Brummel were in a zombie apocalypse, he would go to his field to defend his cows and make sure they didn’t become zombie cows. However, if his cows ended up as zombie cows, Brummel would need to become a zombie himself to continue to raise his precious herd of cattle. The only two things Brummel would trade for his herd of cattle are three pieces of chicken bacon from McKay’s or a Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Coleman Brummel, Sports Editor

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