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Cicely Bergsma is a senior at Sehome High School and will be joining The Rising Tide for the first time as a reporter. Bergsma was also a reporter for her elementary school newspaper known as The Monsoon, so she has extensive firsthand experience working in a school newspaper. Bergsma has been involved in a variety of school related activities including basketball, tennis and the Mariner Mentor program. On her free time Bergsma enjoys spending time with her friends and cats. If Bergsma was in a Zombie apocalypse she would forage for non-perishable food, water, and survival tools, then proceed to take cover in the woods. This way if a zombie came by she could go into hiding up in a tree until the zombie was safely out of sight. She would then climb down out of the tree. If Bergsma had to be any dinosaur she would like to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex. She chose this particular dinosaur because they were strong and fierce predators who likely did exceedingly well in prehistoric times.

Cicely Bergsma, Reporter

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