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Mountain enthusiasts prepare for ski season

Trent Olson and Jack D'Amelio

October 14, 2014

Variety, the spice of life; but sometimes trying new things can be expensive. On the topic of skiing and snowboarding, it's especially important to find ways that you can feel euphoric without busting the bank. This weekend, Oct. 17-18, the annual Komo Kulshan Ski and Snowboard Swap will be going in the Bloedel Donovan Park...

Injuries in sports cause athletes distraught

Afra Ghannad and Stefanie Mindich

October 14, 2014

The act of playing sports is a passion defined through hard work, teamwork, determination, and patience.  With this comes the minor setback of knowing that sports can cause injuries.  Injuries can occur unexpectedly due to unforeseen accidents, poor training, or improper gear.  Most can get hurt if they are not in good shape...

Fantasy football sparks in popularity

Cooper Jackson and Ellis Thomson

October 14, 2014

Football season is upon us once again. For some, this means sitting in front of the television on Sunday with friends and family, cheering for their favorite team. This is not the case for every single football fan, however. For some the arrival of September and football season only means one thing: fantasy football. The...

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