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Sehome’s famous alumni

Colby Behrndt and Logan Earle

May 11, 2015

Jason McGerr Jason McGerr came to Sehome in 1989. He graduated in the class of 1992. A few years before coming to Sehome, In a reddit AMA, Mcgerr admitted that in sixth grade, he was too late to sign up for saxophone or trumpet, a friend suggested he play the drums because, “they were in the back of the room where you could tal...

Top 10 TV shows of the decade

Afra Ghannad, Activities/Athletics Editor

April 2, 2015

Breaking Bad: This is personally the best show I have ever seen (and I have watched a lot).  We see a once hot shot chemist, now high school teacher, going through the ups and downs of lung cancer.  To provide for his family he resorts to producing a large scale meth production.  This show is lead by great character developments in ...

Life before Sehome

Nolan Jones, Reporter

April 2, 2015

Stewart Egbert has been teaching high school for 40 years now. Before it all started, Egbert began playing football at his high school in Portland from which he graduated from in the late 1960’s. “I played at a large high school where over 1100 people graduated in my class, so there was a lot of talent in sports,” Egbert ...

April Horoscopes

Aurora Fackler-Adams and Logan Earle

March 31, 2015

Libra: Sept. 23- Oct. 22: You are pretty... Pretty good at sucking. Pretty good at sucking at failing. That’s a compliment BTW. Scorpio: Oct. 23- Nov. 21: You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power. Sagittarius: Nov. 22- Dec. 21: You’re like the human embodiment on one of those handwriting fonts on ...

Rumors of roof pool

Rumors of roof pool

March 3, 2015

For generations, students have whispered of a pool on Sehome’s roof. Now for the first time, someone...

Are you survival-ready?

Elisa Brackenhofer and Stefanie Mindnich

January 20, 2015

Sailor Gutzler, a seven year-old-girl from Nashville, Ill., walked away from a plane crash with just a broken wrist and some scrapes on Friday Jan. 2.  The same plane crash took the lives of her parents, sister and cousin. Gutzler lit a stick with the fire from the plane and walked about a mile through thick woods in near-free...

Top events of 2014

Colby Behrndt, Reporter

January 20, 2015

Hoverboard: Tony Hawk pranked the world with his fake hoverboard in March, and then a real(ish) hoverboard by Hendo Hoverboards also was shown and got $510,590 in funding on Both a real hoverboard and a fake hoverboard were shown this year. Robin Williams passed: The legend behind Good Will Hunting and...

Kerr incites school-wide sorrow

Logan Earle, Reporter

January 20, 2015

There are many things that represent Sehome’s gung-ho spirit, from our mariner mascot to our green and gold colors. But none are as iconic as Mark Kerr (social studies)’s hair. Kerr’s hair arrived here many years ago in 1990 when he first began teaching social studies at Sehome High School. Nobody knows where it came from,...

KEY: A 2014 crossword to test yo' knowledge

KEY: A 2014 crossword to test yo’ knowledge

December 16, 2014

Across:  4. The Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year - VAPE 6. A revolution in Hong Kong this ye...

Top Ten Holiday Foods

Keenan Mitchell, Reporter

December 16, 2014

10. Cranberry Sauce                                  The ability to maintain a can shape. Magical. 9. Green Beans                                    Makes the best casserole if you know how to do it. 8. Corn                              Either on the cob or not, corn ad...

Tragedy strikes

Tragedy strikes

December 16, 2014

November 17 will always be remembered by George L. (12) as the day beloved science teacher, Mark Toney, h...


Gwendolyn Roley, Editor-in-Chief, online

December 16, 2014

(DISCLAIMER: Gwendolyn Roley is not a certified astrological medium. Her predictions may not be accurate.) Libra: Sept. 23- Oct. 22 - For 2015, stop trying to be so edgy. Ovals are in this New Year. Scorpio: Oct. 23- Nov. 21 - Snuggle up this winter with someone who loves you because come 2015, the cold grip of loneliness will take ...

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