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Anchor returns

Lucy Sun, Reporter

November 18, 2018

“People can exchange words of advice, be able to learn from one another, and help support upper and underclassmen together as one,” Principal Kuss-Cybula said. Grace Kim (12) said that these changes enhance Anchor. “I like [Anchor at the end of the day] because it gives us some time to do homework before we go home.”Gabe...

1 to 1 technology

1 to 1 technology

November 18, 2018

Over 1,100 devices have been rolled out over the course of only 4 days to sehome students. Priced at...

Jobs for the summer

Crystal Tucker and Hayden Neverdahl

June 1, 2018

Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about plans and ways to make summer more useful rather than just sitting on the couch. There are students who are planning on taking advantage of their freetime and being productive by trying to find jobs for the summer. Some students get to work at a place they lo...

Summer plans

Jaime Rowe-Moulds and Lukas Delisle

June 1, 2018

With the school year coming to an end, students have fun things in store for this upcoming summer. Austin Roberts (11) is excited to go to Macedonia this summer with his church to learn new things and be around a different culture. “We get to play sports with the kids in this little neighborhood which will be fun.” Other...

Looking to the future

Angela Ha, Victoria McLin, and Jamiaka Lyons

June 1, 2018

Ryan McDonnell (12) plans to join the Navy after high school. “It’s a big thing in my family, and I’d get to travel the world and see places like Europe.” After high school Kenia Martinez (12)  planned on going to the Marines after High school but took a different path by deciding to go to Bellingham Technical Co...

New ASB elected for 2018-19

Kyle Aspiras, Editor

June 1, 2018

Ahmed Bello (10) is going to be next year’s treasurer. He was motivated to become treasurer because he wanted to support the new dynamic in the school. “I can support that in terms of finances,” he said. Bello hopes to help out clubs by helping organize fundraisers. He is also most excited to help divy up the money to cl...

Voyages of the Zodiac

Kenzie Knapp, Editor

June 1, 2018

From the hikes on Sucia island to the sunsets on the water, the Zodiac trip is an excursion that highlights a Sehome experience. The Zodiac is an annual Sehome weekend trip aboard one of the largest cruise schooner sailboats in Bellingham. From its creation in 1924 and its participation in the King’s Cup race across the Atla...

Finishing up AP testing

Allison Meyer, Reporter

June 1, 2018

Advanced Placement tests are over and many students can breathe easy for the time being. Ed Wissing (history) teaches AP World History. His students reviewed material a whole two and a half weeks before the test. “Our curriculum is set, our essays and tests are in the same format as the actual AP test,” Wissing said. ...

Protest by walkout

Jaime Rowe-Moulds and Abel Stoyka

May 3, 2018

Walkouts have had an impact on our school and community and many students support them. “I thought that they were very meaningful and important,” Thomas Cassella (10) said. “It’s good that the younger generation is taking action in our community.” “It’s important to show legislators that high school student...

New leadership is elected to the ASB

Abel Stoyka, Reporter

May 3, 2018

Sehome held ASB elections on Wednesday, March 28 during harbor for president, vice president, director of communications, director of Sehome culture and treasurer. The two candidates for president were Rem Schroyer (11) and Lucas Cunningham (11). The introductory assembly took place the day before in the gym, where candida...

New Furniture In Sehome

Jaime Rowe-Moulds and Hayden Neverdahl

March 5, 2018

Sehome got a taste of some new furniture that might come to the new school. Many students sat on the furniture found in the lounge. “The furniture is very comfortable, especially the couches,” Camille Parks (9) said. “There could be more couches though.” There were also some new chairs and desks that were bei...

Blood Drive Update

Sarah Eisses, Reporter

March 5, 2018

The second blood drive of the year was on Friday, February 23rd. As always, it was organized by the National Honors Society. Unfortunately, there was a lower turnout than usual. 47 people signed up, much lower than the 62 people who donated last time. “We didn’t start sign ups as early because other clubs were occupying the ...

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