KEY: A 2014 crossword to test yo’ knowledge



4. The Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year – VAPE

6. A revolution in Hong Kong this year was characterized by this household object that is meant to keep you dry – UMBRELLA

7. This country won the FIFA World Cup Championship this year – GERMANY

8. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and now the award’s youngest recipient – MALALA 

9. This company came out with it’s latest (and biggest) model of the popular cellular device this year – APPLE

10. This country had a very close election that would have led to their independence from the United Kingdom – SCOTLAND 

11. This country’s airline lost one of their flights in March – MALAYSIA 

13. Two hundred and seventy-six girls and women were kidnapped from a school in this country and held hostage – NIGERIA

14. This actor and comedian passed away in August – ROBINWILLIAMS

15. This year was the 25th anniversary of the deconstruction of this structure – BERLINWALL

18. This city hosted the Winter Olympics – SOCHI

19. Emma Watson introduced this program to promote gender equality – HEFORSHE

20. This actor starred in the highest grossing  film of 2014, “Guardians of the Galaxy” – CHRISPRATT

21. This region of the Ukraine was home to several scenes of civil unrest – KIEV

22. At the Oscars this year, this comedian posted a picture on Twitter that received the most retweets of all time – ELLEN


1. This New Jersey governor may have caused a traffic jam as political revenge – CHRISTIE 

2. A virus causing an epidemic in Western Africa – EBOLA

3. This town was the starting of point countrywide protests against racism and police brutality – FERGUSON

4. The United States ran out of this beloved dairy substitute for a time in 2014 – VELVEETA

5. This musical artist put out the only platinum album of the year – TAYLORSWIFT

12. This game app was incredibly popular for a short while before being pulled from the AppStore – FLAPPYBIRD

16. The terrorist group that began an attempt to overthrow the Shiite government in Iraq – ISIS

17. This team won Super Bowl XLVIII – SEAHAWKS