Tragedy strikes

Mr. Toney’s whiteboard fell apart and so did the entire school because of it.


November 17 will always be remembered by George L. (12) as the day beloved science teacher, Mark Toney, had his heart shattered by a broken whiteboard. “Something got stuck and then I couldn’t write on it,” Toney said. “It made me feel short.” Not only was Toney upset by this disaster, but all his classes found it extremely stressful and unfortunate. Distraught is how Sarah W. (12) felt when she heard it was broken. “It’s a very important part of our physics class,” Sarah said. Eddie P. (11) was also affected by the incident. “When I heard him complaining to the class about how his beautiful mechanism was broken and how his precision coca-cola cans kept it balanced, I was interested about what it looked like so I could fix it,” Eddie said.

When asked how he fixed the whiteboard, Toney responded “Like how you should resolve all your problems. With brute strength.” However George brought it to our attention that Toney was not the first to fix the whiteboard. “ I just grabbed onto it and pulled down,” George said on the topic of mending the whiteboard. “It made me feel good because I was better than Mr. Toney.”

The whiteboard has now broken several times and it has proved to be a trying experience for Toney. “He tried to fix it for 10 or 15 minutes during class and we kind of just sat there and hoped he didn’t fall off his chair,” Sarah said. “He definitely went through a mourning period.”

Nonetheless, the whiteboard is currently fixed and all is well. “I was quite relieved that Mr. Toney could get back to using the whiteboard instead of the other board that left behind marks when you wrote on it,” Eddie said. And Toney is not worried about it breaking again. “It doesn’t matter to me because I have brute strength,” Toney said.