Top Ten Holiday Foods

Watch in awe as Keenan write the tell-all, end-all list to answer the question we’ve all been asking since questions were invented: What are the best holiday foods ranked in order?

10. Cranberry Sauce                                 

The ability to maintain a can shape. Magical.

9. Green Beans                                   

Makes the best casserole if you know how to do it.

8. Corn                             

Either on the cob or not, corn adds a great taste to any dinner.

7. Pumpkin Pie                  

The best dessert of the dinner. Just add some whipped cream.

6. Salad                                                      

Some leafy greens to compliment the carbs.

5. Stuffing                                                                          

Stuffing. Need I say more?

4. Dinner Rolls                                                    

Warm, fluffy, buttery, self explanatory

3. Gravy     

The most versatile food. Put it on your potatoes, turkey, stuffing, rolls, table…

2. Turkey                         

Easily one of the most amazing foods. It’s not as amazing as…

1. Mashed Potatoes                      

The glue of your dinner. You can mix it with anything!