Movie Reviews: December

Check out Aurora’s thoughts on two of the winter’s hottest (coldest?) blockbusters, and find out whether they match the hype

Mockingjay Part 1 (3/5)Mockingjay

“Mockingjay Part 1” is a violent movie that becomes much, much scarier when you learn that both China and Thailand have banned the movie for fear of a real revolution, and two Thai people were arrested for making the three finger salute that is seen in the movie. Though many see it as another teenage movie with a love triangle, it is inspiring real revolutions. It was not very heavy on the gore, but many of the scenes are so morbid that it is difficult to look at the screen. It has a haunting soundtrack that everyone will probably listen to thirty times on repeat. Also, Jennifer Lawrence sings and Josh Hutcherson looks really sad the whole time.

Big Hero Six (4/5)BigheroSix

On the opposite end of the spectrum, “Big Hero 6” is an animated movie about a fourteen year old boy genius who lives in ‘San Fransokyo’ where he battles robots. The entire movie is absolutely adorable, and you will fall in love with his robot friend. Though it is a little childish, the art and concept is stunning, and the characters and their friendships are inspiring. I left the theatre feeling like I should invent a few robots and save the city with my friends.