Conspiracy Theory

Is Beetlejuice Alive?

The famous comedian Lester Green, known as Beetlejuice, has been off the radar since 2017. This man went from a pop culture phenom to a ghost and nobody knows why. Lester made his first appearance on the Howard Stern show in 1999 and he instantly blew up. Howard Stern has said that he was the most popular and trending guest he’s ever had. Beetlejuice began making frequent appearances where he would sing songs, do skits, tell jokes, etc. Before the Howard Stern show Beetlejuice didn’t have much, then a staff member of the show came up with the idea of bringing him on. People believed that he seemed to be very easy to profit from because people were so interested in him. This is where the conspiracy begins.

While his social media remains active, he has not made any posts including recent photos of himself. His manager on the other hand, has made lots of posts on Green and updates on his life most of which seem outdated or fake altogether. Multiple sources state that he has died many different times. The Hollywood reporter states that he died from a drug overdose in 2010 but he appeared in 2017 on a radio show.

Since his appearance in 2017 Green hasn’t been on the Howard Stern show he was previously featured as part of the wack pack this was Sterns name for the group of weirder guests on the show. The wack pack consists of 23 other members all with unique disabilities or traits. Green was a favorite among fans he was also great friends with another member of the wack pack, John the stutterer. and that’s why his disappearance has us questioning where he went. And his and his managers social media has us all confused.