Rylie Nupcharoen, Reporter

Aries: No need to be tame around this time of the year, let your fiery passion show through and maybe it’ll find its way back to you. Your intensity may work in your favor.


Taurus: The ball is in your court, this month is all about making bold moves. Take the bull by the horns and go talk that cutie you’ve had your eye on. What’s the worst that could happen?


Gemini: It’s the time of year to get your suave on. Are getting tired of the constant disappointment of peoples blandness? Maybe it’s time to seek out your Bonnie or Clyde or maybe the unexpected will come to you.


Cancer:  Right now might be a conflicting time for you, try and take a day for yourself, draw a bath and put your focus on yourself before this month is over.


Leo: Don’t let every nice interaction go to your head, people may like you but not everyone loves you the way you love yourself. Remember that’s not a bad thing.


Virgo: You may feel vulnerable this time of year though don’t let that hold you back, every small interaction as a step towards getting out of your shell.


Libra: Follow your gut and scratch that itch in your heart, your passionate attitude has the spotlight right now, but remember that being a massive flirt has its limits, so know them!


Scorpio: Life feeling flipped upside down? It’ll pass very soon but don’t let that get in the way of feeling those mushy feelings, stop holding up your walls and let your loved ones comfort you.


Sagittarius: Not feeling fulfilled? Maybe you’re looking at things from the wrong perspective, try and reroute your direction and celebrate the small victories.


Capricorn: It’s a good time to be close to friends, regardless of being single or not, the energy is needed to restore  the natural balance.


Aquarius: It’s all waterworks this month! A deep sob is never off the table for a good time. Cry about something happy or something sad, the afterglow feels great.


Pisces: Take your kindness and turn it around and give it to yourself, this month will be good to get in touch with nature and practice self compassion.