Sehome’s Chess Champions

Cicely Bergsma, Reporter

Sehome High School is filled with different clubs that students can be involved in. However with so many different clubs it can be difficult for the Sehome community to honor the accomplishments and unique set of skills within the school. One club at Sehome that has been doing exceptionally well as of late is Sehome’s Chess Club. Student contact and varsity member of the Sehome Chess team, Rhys Lewis (10) has been on the Sehome team for two years after about six years of prior experience. The team practices twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, in the commons. Lewis said during practice the team is usually, “messing around in the cafeteria, playing chess and just having a good time”. The team’s relatively laid back practices, have not prevented the team from having a very successful season. “We won the league title, and so we go on to state this weekend,” Lewis said.

Two chess pieces of different shades

 The Northwest Chess League is the organization that the Sehome chess team competes in during the initial part of competition season. The league is composed of four meets and by the final meet a ranking is established. Sehome’s chess triumph was not without obstacles, “It was a lot tougher than everyone thought it would be, we just barely won, but you know, we stuck it out”, said Lewis. Even though it was more arduous then initially anticipated the Sehome chess team ended up with the highest rank in the Northwest League for this season.

The chess team is composed of many members with a range of chess expertise. Although the chess team is open to anyone, only five players make the cut to be on varsity. Students of varied skill levels can enjoy the chess team experience. When asked what he most enjoys about being on the team Lewis said, “I really like just hanging out and playing chess with everybody, since everyone on the team has the same interest it’s pretty fun,” Lewis said. Anyone intrigued by Sehome’s chess team can join in the upcoming 2020 chess season, next school year.