Cleaning the School

Graham Glendening, Reporter

Leadership is a yearlong elective class at Sehome available to all grades, the teacher in charge of this class is Mrs. Kirk. The Leadership program engages a scope of each grades’ opinions; likes and dislikes into the high school decisions.

Jacob Kaepernick (11) a member of leadership. he picks up trash and basic cleaning around the school.

Recently the Leadership team has been engaging in two new activities one of which is helping out the janitorial staff around the school, with the new school taking a longer time for the staff to clean the leadership class is helping out they have been recently cleaning windows and picking up trash around the school. Ms. Kirk, the teacher of the class, said, “ We split the class into two groups , one group helps clean and the second goes to Happy Valley Elementary school to help with the classes there” Said Kirk. Going to happy valley is a new thing for this class and students. The two groups switch off each week so equal time is spent on each activity. “ We have gotten great feedback from teachers at Happy Valley and janitors at Sehome that their job is easier with the leadership class helping and that’s great to hear we hope to continue with each of these jobs in the coming years,” Kirk said.

Kirk also mentioned that next year’s leadership class would only run for the first semester of school. The leadership class helps with school dances as well as other leader-like activities and in the first semester of school there are more things to do. “ In the second semester we just ran out of things to do like this year we had to start cleaning which isn’t normal for the class but turned out to be a really good thing for the class and school.” said kirk. Kirk is proud of the students she loves to teach the class and loves to hear feedback from other teachers as well. She also hopes to see more underclassmen in the future.