Animals Are Best If You’re Stressed

Marsaili Morin, Features Editor

After a long day at school or work, most of the Sehome staff and students need a way to unwind. During finals week, the counseling staff brought in the perfect solution to help out with sleep deprived students from studying and teachers from getting grades in for all their students.

During lunch, there were animals brought to school to take our minds off the cramming of grades, so that there could be a moment of peace for people. “We hope to bring them in again for finals week in Spring and if we can get the help and funding from PTSA we might do it sometime between now and then,” Martha Zender (Career/Vocational Guidance Assistant) said. After bringing the animals, word spread about the animal therapy that was brought to Sehome, to other schools. “We got a phone call from Ferndale, they want to have them at their school, so somehow the news got out… so I think it’s getting out there how much animals are important to us,” Zender said.

Time to stop Horsing around- At Sehome High School

The counselors and teachers understand that finals week is a crazy town full of kids stressing over getting work in and studying for final tests. It is also known that this time of the year can affect students mental and physical health. “Washington State, and Bellingham in particular is one of the gloomiest places to live… we have more gray days and rainy days than most of the State,” Zender said.

He’s the Goat- Therapy animals don’t just have to be dogs, mini goats are just as sweet and cute to help calm humans down.

Thanks to the counselors banding together and finding “Animals of Natural Therapy” to come to our school, many students felt relaxed before they headed into their week of testing and ending their first Semester.  “Some students came in and had a sigh of relief and said ‘I really needed that this week’,” Zender said.