Spring Science

Yoshimi Lin, Arts/Media Editor

Science Prep Season:
Science Olympiad had its second work party of the season and students are studying and preparing on their events. Keller Morrison (11) who is one of the 12 team members of Science Olympiad is looking forward to the competition date. “I like the days of the competition. It’s a really cool experience to be around people who have the same goals as you.” Morrison said. “Sehome shows up with the most people.”

February is coming to an end which means there’s a lot happening for the science clubs at Sehome. With competitions rolling in for Science Olympiad and Robotics, and new projects starting up for Environmental Club, the second semester gets much busier for these clubs.


Robotics is a club where students collaborate to design build and program a functional robot for competition with other teams. Students must manage their time resources and skills to build a functional and competitive robot in roughly two months. Although they start building in January, the club has meetings throughout the school year for planning and training.

This year the Sehome Seamonsters Robotics will be competing for their ninth consecutive year in hope to compete at the worlds competition this year. They have been preparing since January in terms of building/construction and their upcoming competitions. The competitions are on March 6-7 (Yakima), and hosting at Bellingham High School March 27-28 for their first home competition. The club itself has about 35 members with multiple departments such as programing, fabrication, and CAD (computer assisted design). This year the club is hosting their own competition which will host about 32 teams from all over the state.

This will be the third year of being in Robotics for Warren Rose (11). “It’s a fun challenge that simulates an actual work environment,” Rose said. “Regardless of your area of interest, there is a place for you on the team.” Rose also hopes that the club makes it to worlds this year. This year worlds will be held in Detroit, Michigan.

Science Olympiad:

Sehome’s Science Olympiad is a club that has been running since 2005. Their regional competition will take place at Curtis Junior High School in Tacoma on March 7th with a little over 100 students from Sehome competing. In Science Olympiad, teams of 15 have various events they prepare for and compete in. These events vary from building, writing, and testing events where students will test their knowledge in various topics. The year the club will be taking alternates to the competition as well.

Keller Morrison (11) has been in Science Olympiad for three years now and is a team leader this year. “I really like the culture, and that we get to do unconventional science at the high school level,” Morrison said, “It’s a really cool experience to be around people who have the same goals as you.”

Environmental Club:

Although they do not have any competitions to attend, Sehome’s Environmental Club has been working on several projects this year such as a waste audit and working on integrating climate education curriculum into every classroom. Early in the year, members of the club attended a Youth Earth Summit (Conference)  where they learned about what other environmental clubs around the state were doing to increase climate awareness. Additionally, there were speakers, including one that spoke for how his tribe is bringing awareness to the state about the environment.

Grace VanderGriend (12)  who is currently the co-president  has been involved in the club for 2 years. “I’ve learned a lot of things,” VanderGriend said. “I hope to inspire people to care about the climate and bring awareness. We have 70 people signed up for the club; it’s a great mix of people.”

More information about Environmental Club can be found in the article written by Annie Frost (12), “Environmental Club Article”.