Valentine’s Day

Brooks Frere, Reporter

The Sehome Choir performing on stage on October 23, the first concert of the year.

Valentine’s day has passed, and so have all of the traditions of chocolate, flowers and spreading love. The way that Sehome celebrates that has been in place for years are the valentines day grams. The choir team created and kept the tradition of the singing grams as a key fundraiser for the group. The group uses the funds from all of their concerts and other fundraisers for a trip, towards the end of the year. This year, they will be going to Disneyland.

Every year they sell cards that can be bought for a specific person in the school, the choir team then forms groups to deliver the cards and sing specific songs to them during class. On Tuesday February 25, the team will be having a concert to raise even more money. The tickets cost 10 dollars and go towards the teams tour to Disneyland during the spring, so it is pretty important to them to raise as much money as they can. The concert is completely valentine’s day themed with solo performances, small group performances, along with chamber and concert choir. and contains a raffle for a valentine’s day themed basket. This provides another way for choir to come closer to reaching the money that they need to go to Disneyland.

Choir also had a Christmas fundraiser and two school concerts in the theater, one in October, and one in January. The chamber choir also did around 14 different private parties and public events during the Christmas season. “Its been a blast, all of our groups are really tight.” Casey Mcevoy(11) said “I’m really looking forward to our Disney trip this year.” everyone in the choir group has stated their excitement for the trip later in the year, so make sure to support the choir and maybe go to a concert to help them pay for the trip!