Where’s The Coffee?

Cicely Bergsma, Reporter

When the Mariner Market announced coffee would be making an appearance on the menu last year many students were excited, but as time passed there was no coffee to be found. Now the question many students find themselves asking when they stop by the Mariner Market is: where is the coffee? Often times, students will go to Starbucks or other nearby coffee shops during lunch, however if Sehome is able to supply coffee to students, it will be beneficial to everyone. If we had coffee located on campus there would be a reduction in students coming late to class, due to acquiring caffeine. Bella Bergeron (12)  is one individual who wishes coffee was available in the Mariner Market. “If I was able to get coffee at Sehome I think I would have an easier time being on time to class,” said Bergeron. The same would apply to teachers, who may want a midday coffee to get them through the day but, can’t risk being late to class.

The Rising Tide wanted to find out if and when coffee will be available on campus. Serena Tyran (11) has been involved in the market since its commencement in 2019, so The Rising Tide sought her out in hopes of getting some answers. Tyran explained that the process of actually attaining coffee and training students to run the operation is taking longer than initially anticipated. “It’s been a little bit slow with my supplier. He came and checked it out and got all the ‘oks’ with us last year,” said Tyran. “We spent a long time talking to him, but it’s just been slow getting the approval of the coffee machine.

Serena Tyran standing in front of the Mariner Market

Although there are no guarantees, there is hope for those wishing  to have an on-campus caffeine supply at Sehome. In response to whether there would be an espresso station at the market by the end of this school year, Tyran said, “There should be, there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be. I can’t make promises because sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want it to. As of right now, as soon as we buy the coffee machines some trainings can be facilitated and then we can have coffee.” If all goes well Sehome students will be trained to manage the espresso stand in the Mariner market. She is unable to say for sure, but when asked for an approximate timeline Serena said, “A month or two months, or maybe sooner.”

Students buy Starbucks because no coffee is available in the Mariner Market