Valentine’s Day Plans

Colten Williams (11) and Lily Chavez (9) went to the top of the downtown parking garage and watched the sunset for Valentine’s Day. He had said, “I’ll probably end up going to watch the sunset on the downtown parking garage” and that’s exactly what he did.

After a thorough investigation, we discovered that many students of Sehome do not have Valentine’s Day plans… in fact, when asked what their plans were, most people were somehow going to be separated from their partner on Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day may not be filled with quite as much love as we anticipated.

We expected that many of the interviewees would be going on dates or doing other romantic things on this day, but, as with many investigations, our findings were surprising. We already knew Cash Williams (10) was currently in a relationship, so we were hoping he’d have some romantic plans. Instead, he said “No. She’s out of town with her family”. Williams wished they could have walked around the mall together and then watched movies and eat lots of chocolate.

Some more students had similar dilemmas. Jonas Ecker (11) had to go to Winthrop with his family (and without his girlfriend). Lily Rasmussen (10) had to babysit. Most notably, Mark Kerr (teacher) is keeping it lowkey. Kerr said “I’m old so we do whatever we want. We don’t have to come up with some uber special plans. We just make our own fun. Sometimes we get a special treat for the animals.” Later, Kerr realized he actually did have plans, giving his AP Psychology students a test. Kerr said he was “Sharing my testing love.”

After lots of searching, we did find a few couples with plans. Aine Dillon (12) admitted she and her boyfriend will probably do what they usually do: eat and entire tub of ice-cream in their PJ’s while watching movies. This maybe isn’t a conventional plan for Valentine’s, but we thought it was pretty cute. “It’s what we do every year,” Dillon says. A relaxed date night is still a date night.

A few couples had more extravagant ideas. Dawson Rothenbuhler (10) wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a dinner at the Chrysalis and then going to a movie. Colten Williams (11), opted for a more spontaneous option. Williams said he and his girlfriend will probably go to the downtown parking garage to watch the sunset, but he likes to make spur of the moment decisions so that might’ve changed. Most extravagant creator of plans was Colleen King (teacher). King’s best friend is visiting, and they are going to have a double date at her house “We are doing it at my house because we are all broke,” King says. “we are going to make pizza and cake shaped like hearts.” king says she used to be really intense about valentine’s day but has since realized her partners love language isn’t gift giving so she has changed her expectations to be focused around experiences instead of gift giving.

Whether you choose to go all out for Valentine’s Day or prefer to not do much at all, the Rising Tide News would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.