Highlights on Seniors in Sports

Simone Westerlund, Op/Ed Editor

The ending to our winter sports season has come close, but as the season ends, we would like to honor the seniors who have dedicated their time to be an athlete on one of our amazing sports teams.

Unified basketball players lead a cheer during their game against Bellingham.

This year, Unified Basketball has grown immense support within our community. In the recent Unified game played against Bellingham, there was a huge turnout to support the team. David Deroy (12) just started playing on the Unified Basketball team this year. “My favorite part is trying my best and working hard. It’s not all about winning or losing,”Deroy said. Deroy mentioned his excitement for the season, and what games look like for him. “Before games, I have to practice dribbling. sometimes at home I do yoga and Pilates. Being on the team is good, I’ve improved as a person. Basketball is cool and challenging,” Deroy said.

This year, Unified Basketball’s seniors are Sophia Berger (12), Maryellen Burfeind (12), David Deroy (12), Julius Ellison (12), Josue Galeas (12), Lillian Gruman (12), Declan Hackett (12), Cam Hodges (12), Casey McEnvoy (12), Jackson Perkins (12), Bella Rutledge (12), and Kaylee Slack (12). With two games left in the season, Unified Basketball had a record of two to three.

The next sport that has come to an end is Boys Basketball. Boys Basketball finished out their season with a record of 8-13. This year, their seniors were Connor Hoemann (12) and Nick Macphee (12). Macphee believes that he has become a better person because, “Skyler [our coach] really pushes us to be accountable and the best person we can be. He teaches us leadership,

Nick Macphee (12) dribbles during a game.

discipline, and most importantly accountability,” Macphee said. As the season comes to an end, Macphee says his favorite part of the season was the friends he made, and the bond that he created with his teammates. “My favorite memory was definitely when I hit a three to take the lead against Ferndale with 40 seconds left,” Macphee said.

Lauren Ellsworth (12) is among the five seniors who played on the girls basketball team this year. “My favorite part about Sehome’s girls basketball is the friendships

Girls basketball manager Kali Martin (12) and player Ava Lunny (10) body bump at a game.

that I’ve made and the fact that I’m improving everyday,” Ellsworth said. Girls basketball seniors are; Frannie Fleming (12), Lauren Ellsworth (12), Jessica Melvin (12), Kali Martin (12), and Mikayla Wefer (12). Girls Basketball lost 2-3 in games at districts, but finished out their season with a record of 14-9.

The next team that worked their heart out at basketball games, and district wide events is Sehome’s dance team. This year, the dance team has two graduating seniors, Fiona Dent (12) and Madi Dominguez (12). “Being a member of the dance team teaches you dedication, perseverance, patience, time management, responsibility and so many other things. I have learned so many life lessons being on this team the past four years that I am going to take with me. I have learned more about myself and how to communicate with others and be on a team. We show respect to everyone and are able to mix with people of all ages learning something new from all of them. Our team is unique to others,” Dominguez said. Dominguez has been on the dance team

Dance team members Fiona Dent (12) (left) and Madi Dominguez (12) (right) pose for team photos.

since the beginning of her high school career, and is now the Captain. “I am hoping to dance after high school on my college dance team, but if that doesn’t happen I will still continue to dance outside of school,” Dominguez said.

As boys swim and dive is at state championships currently, they had a strong season with their dedicated swimmers. This year, the seniors on boys swim and dive are Ahmed Bello (12), Ben Legan (12), and Gus Ringo (12). “I’m a senior, and sometimes it’s weird being a senior. I have to talk  to and mentor the freshman and tell them what’s going on. it’s pretty

Sehome swimmers compete at Arne Hanna.

cool to do, and I would also say that I help cheer the team a lot, and that’s super fun,” Ringo said. “My favorite memory from the season was when for B champs I was in one of the relays, and if you’re first in the whole meet, you get to pick a walkout song, so after winning we picked the song ‘Lip Gloss’ and came up with a dance.”

“My favorite part of this year’s season was probably cheering for the Unified basketball game because so many people always come together to support

them which makes cheering so much more spirited,” Kaia Neff (12) said.

Kaia is among Chaveyla Gerner in being a senior on the cheer team this year. Even though cheer doesn’t often compete, they are the lifeblood of our sports games. “Being a Sehome cheerleader makes me a better person because I am

Cheerleaders Chaveyla Gerner (12) and Kaia Neff (12) instruct a cheer class for kids.

a leader and I try to be kind and spirited to everyone around me,” Neff said.

Boys wrestling is currently on their way to state, and riding with them is three different seniors: Quincy Eggert (12), Patric Neevel (12), and Alex Styer (12). “I was really proud of the sportsmanship of my team and getting to watch them wrestle,” Styer said. Styer mentioned his

Wrestling team member Cameron Morrow (12) gears up before a match.

interest in wrestling, and his enjoyment of wrestling with his brother.

“The most memorable part of the season was probably my brother smashing his head against the mat,” Styer said. “…it [wrestling] really shows me how to push through a lot of things, if there’s something hard later in life it shows me how to persevere through that.”

For girls wrestling, Sehome is represented solely by Joseline Degalio (12). Girls wrestling is a district wide team, with representatives from each school. Degalio recently won her match at districts, and will be going to state. “Actually this Saturday, I got hurt. I was losing by one point and then my coaches said “this is your last day as a senior” and then I ended up winning the match somehow. I literally do not know how, and I was able to qualify for state,” Degalio said. “With wrestling, I think I just understand where people come from, life

Girls wrestling’s team photos for the United District-wide team.

Lastly, gymnastics is on their way to state, qualifying with their successful winter season. This year’s seniors are Blakely Bornstein (12) and Janie Wilson (12). “I

like being on Sehome’s gymnastics team because we get to hangout and practice with

Bellingham and Squalicum and be around new people…” Wilson said.