Should You Be Worried About The Coronavirus?

Simone Westerlund, Op/Ed Editor

About four weeks ago, news outlets released information on the world’s most current widespread virus, the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The coronavirus has killed 2,244 people, and there are 76,000 cases identified total, including 35 in the United States. The virus originally spread in a fish market in Wuhan, China, and rapidly spread around the city around the time of many Lunar New Year celebrations, limiting many of the parties from happening and visitors coming into the city.

As something as widespread and intimidating as the coronavirus can seem daunting, it feels intimidating that a deadly virus so out of control could possibly reach us here in Bellingham. Especially as the first case of the coronavirus in the United States was in Snohomish county here in Washington.

Providence Medical Center, where one of the first cases of the coronavirus was discovered in the U.S.

Are Sehome students fearful of catching the coronavirus? What are the odds of the coronavirus reaching Bellingham? “A lot of people are more worried about it than others, and I tend not to worry about it,” Tyler Steensland (11) said. Even though Steensland has awareness of the rapid growth of virus cases, he didn’t feel that fearing the virus would help anything. “I heard originally about the coronavirus three weeks ago from a friend. A lot of people with the virus have survived, so I’m not going to worry too much,” said Steensland.

The virus mainly targets those with a weak immune system, especially young children, and the elderly. “I am not too scared, especially because I heard that it’s not that deadly unless you have a weak immune system,” said Isaac Lawrence (9).

A lot of the fear of the virus depends on mindset, and even though the virus is mainly controlled in the United States, and there aren’t too many cases, it seems difficult to not worry about something that feels so out of your control.