Alaina Burrows and Marsaili Morin

This disease has been sweeping the nation for many years and generations. Some Juniors may feel this, but a majority of the people who are affected are Seniors. As the year goes on and they get closer to graduation, it gets a little tricky keeping these new found adults entertained in high school. This disease is called, ‘senioritis.’

Senior students are ready to get out of school and are done with school after 4 years of high school.

According to a google search, the definition to ‘senioritis’ is, ‘A supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.’ During second semester, Seniors are known to take easier classes that may contribute to the lack of motivation, “I took some easy ones… just basically fill in classes,” Jordan Gill (12) said. This may cause a shortage in attendance for classes due to the boredom that comes from elective classes that don’t have an intense workload like A.P. and year long classes.

Though some students wanted to keep the workload to keep themselves in check, even highly motivated students can get struck with the fatigue of work done. “I just feel like it’s a struggle, and even applying to colleges,” Josy Delgadillo (12) said. College is creeping up on many students with acceptances, denials and the wait to find out. “I always think I don’t have to go to class because I already got into college, but in reality I have to go,” Robin Chalfie (12) said.

Once students get the work done, they look forward to the future, which is graduation, “I’m ready to move onto to better things,” Ben Legan (12) said. Colleges, work and new lives are in store for many of the Seniors, and they are ready to get started. Some don’t really care about the High School experience as much anymore, and want to become an adult to get away from who they have been with for so many years.

Seniors first semester of school are grinding out college apps
and trying to keep up with their grades for mid term check ins with college, but after that they are ready to leave.

With only months left, the seniors at Sehome and all around the country are finishing their final stretch of childhood going into adulthood. Students will be moving onto the next chapter of their lives and are ready to leave High School behind. Sitting in a classroom and spending time you don’t feel needed can be challenging but in the end, it will all be worth it.