What To Do With Your Valentine’s Day

Garret Capristo, Reporter


Let’s face it Sehome, there aren’t that many fishes in the sea. No need to fear, there are still things to do on this Valentine’s day. You can watch movies with your friends, get a tattoo, celebrate Galentine’s day, order a pizza, go dancing, and treat yourself. Here is how you should spend your Valentine’s day.

RomCom Time: Watch young Patrick Dempsey buy his way to a girl’s heart.

It’s never a bad idea to watch movies with your friends. Some of my personal favorite movies for Valentine’s day are, “Can’t buy me love”, “10 things I hate about you”, and “How to lose a guy in 10 days”. While watching these movies you can cry with your friends both knowing you’ll never have what they have in the movie.

Do you like pizza? Probably, because you’re single. This Valentine’s day you can order a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphys. You will get your love at 425 degrees for a small price of $6.99. Nothing better than a pizza to accompany you rather than a lover with these movies.

You Can Buy Love: For a whopping price of $6.99 at your local Papa Murphy’s

Are you tired of seeing all of your friends having plans with their lover? Don’t worry, there are others like you who feel just as alone. Give them a call, they want someone to hang out with just as much as you do.       Now you have a pizza and a friend to watch a movie with.

Looking to Boogie?: This Friday you can attend the Underground for the Valentine dance, for anyone who is 18 and older.

The movies are done and now you don’t know what to do… Well, this Friday night the underground is having a Valentine’s day theme night. Remember it is 18+ and photo ID is required.

If you aren’t 18 it’s a different story. A great thing for anyone to do is bake. We asked David Deroy(12) what his plans were for this Friday. “I am going to bake thumbprint cookies and help my mom make dinner. We also might go for a walk because I think Valentine’s day should also be about appreciating your family.” 

Just because you don’t have a valentine it doesn’t mean you aren’t loved. See what your mom and/or dad are up to. You can go out to dinner and share a good laugh. Afterward, you can go out to dessert. That sounds like a great Friday night to many people. We hope we can help you out Sehome Mariners. Remember, treat yourself this Valentine’s day.