2020 Resolutions

Wyatt Rothenbuhler, Features Editor


This image is showing an easy to fill out goal setting sheet. It has a completion date available along with spaces to fill out steps you’ll take to complete your goal and two things that will help you.


New year, new adventures and goals to come. According to the History Channel, the ancient Babylonians were the first people to make New Year’s resolutions. This was about 4,000 years ago. Some people in our Sehome community follow the tradition of making resolutions for the new year. The Rising Tide Staff interview a few of those members.

Randelle Crawford’s new year’s resolutions is to be more brave. “I want to work on my fire,” Crawford said. Crawford has been a teacher at Sehome High School for 32 years. She has dedicated herself to the arts and is an excellent teacher. The classes she teaches consist of Painting, Watercolor, Art 1, Art 2, etc.

Eric Hofstedt, Sehome High School’s yoga teacher, was kind enough to share his goal with us. “My new year’s resolution is to really get involved with this activity, it’s supposed to be really physically healthy, it’s called Yoga,” Hofstedt said. He was then reminded that he has been involved with yoga for 16 years. “My real resolution is to improve my memory so that I remember I’ve done yoga for 16 years and find a new new years resolution,” Hofstedt said. But in all seriousness he hopes to be happier, healthier, and nicer this year.

Isla Hall’s (11) resolution is to procrastinate less. This is a very common resolution for high schoolers. “I want to get home, take a little break, do homework, then eat, and if I’m finished great, if I’m not I’ll just try to finish things so I don’t get stressed out,” Hall said. So far it has been working and she’s been making great progress.

KJ McDowell (9) resolution is, “To get straights A’s” he plans on achieving this goal by doing his homework and not procrastinating.

New Year’s Resolutions have great significance. They allow people to reflect on their actions in the past year and find ways to better themselves in the new year. It provides healthy challenges and goals for people throughout 2020.