2020 Glow Dance

Alaina Burrows, Reporter


2020 glow dance has been rescheduled to January 31st and will be held in the Aux gym as the first dance in the gym, Thomas Kanenaga (12) ASB and leadership student said the main reason for moving to the gym was to “Make use of all of our facilities in the new school,” Kanenaga said.


The first dance of the new year is this years’ glow dance This year, the glow dance will be held in the aux-gym. With this intention of the new location providing a better space, how will this affect attendance and the atmosphere of the dance for students and staff? Due to the snow week, the school had the dance has been moved from Friday January 24th to Friday January 31st which is the last day of finals. The idea of moving is was to provide more time to be prepared and have a distressing dance after a week of testing.


The goal with having the dance in the aux gym is to use the schools resources and take feedback of students. Thomas Kanenaga (12)  is involved in leadership and ASB, he shared that the reason to move the dance from being our cafeteria to the aux gym was the complaints and feedback he got from fellow students. Although the gym is smaller, it doesn’t have lots of windows making it extra light inside the dance space. The ASB wanted to branch out by using the aux gym this year as we have a brand new school, “we had lots of feedback pushing for the aux gym,” Kanenaga said. They want to try new things and use resources. “We want to try all our facilities not just the one main cafeteria.”


The aux gym doesn’t have many drawbacks as it seems so far other then it being smaller so the dance will be less spread out. That may provide benefits to the dance environment. Students are excited to be in a new location as previous dances that have been held in the cafeteria has had a handful of negative feedback. Sehome has almost always had dances in cafeteria even in the old school so changing to the gym will be a new exciting thing.


The dance will be from 8:30-11pm on the 31st. Tickets will be sold the week of finals for $5 in the ASB office and during lunch of finals week. If you plan on bringing a guest, passes will be due on the 28th.