Finals Week

Graham Glendening, Reporter


This image is showing the finals week schedule for Bellingham School District students this schedule will be used from the 28th to the 31st

Finals were pushed back a week because of snow and is now the 28th-31st. With Monday the 27th off from school, students will have two A days and two B days to take their tests and finals for the first semester.


Isla Hall (11) is not in running start and has a full 8 period schedule at Sehome. Hall said, “I have three real finals this semester along with seven tests some of which could affect my grade by a letter and others just one or two percent.” Hall also mentioned that her toughest final this semester would be her pre-calculus final because it is cumulative. Hall also thought finals should be optional and used as a cushion, “the finals should be optional and used for people who need them to bump up their grade,” Hall said. Hall stated that she was ready for finals to be over and is ready to move on to the next semester.

Ian Arye (11), a full time student at Sehome High School, has 4 tests to end the semester but an assignment of some sort from every class “I’m not too stressed about my finals because I don’t think they will affect my grade immensely. I am a little worried about my AP bio final it should be pretty challenging and worth a lot of points,” Arye said. He had mentioned that he was glad he had another week to study for all his final tests.

Jessica DeYoung (10) has seven finals this first semester. Being a sophomore and this being her second year taking finals DeYoung said, “I am more stressed than my freshman year taking finals because my classes are a little harder and my finals have more weight on my grade.” DeYoung is prepared for her classes and is glad that the semester got moved back.

Kaia Little (10) has 7 finals out of 8 possible classes. Little said, “I am less stressed taking finals this year than my freshman year I know how I can study and do well on my finals.”

Finals will run Tuesday through Friday. Students will get a 10 minute break in between each class and a 50 min lunch. This should help break up the tests and make for a slightly better testing day. Good luck to all Bellingham School District students!