Winter Break Part 2

Garret Capristo, Reporter

Sledding through the snow days!

With winter break coming to an end students knew that coming back to school was going to be hard, but with a change in the forecast, students gained some hope. After being in school for only a week, students were blessed with a week off starting on January 14th. For some, this was a plus and others thought it wasn’t worth it. According to Aghi D’Aoust (11), the snow was needed.

With the annual bridge building competition here at Sehome, many students are rushing to get it finished. Mother Nature heard the cries and answered. The first snow day was Tuesday the 14th which was the first day of the competition. “I spent most of my snow days building my bridge and watching Haikyuu,” D’Aoust said. Although many students had to work on bridges not all students had to. Linsday Andren (10) got to enjoy no school and the snow surrounding her. “I caught up with my friends and played out in the snow,” Andren said.

Some people are arguing we should’ve had less or more snow days. Many people were not pleased with the fact that we had school, “I think that Monday should’ve been a snow day and Friday shouldn’t have been a snow day,” Said D’Aoust. For Kaz Piros (12), he does not feel affected by this, “I honestly don’t care if we do or don’t have snow days, either way, I’m getting out of school a week early,” Piros said.

Roads are not in driving conditions

Snow days have some positive things, but they also come with a cost. With having school days taken away that means school days will be added on taking us further into June and Summer. Although this isn’t ideal some students don’t care much about it. “I enjoy the snow days so I have no problems with losing a couple of days of summer,” D’Aoust said. “I’d rather have school now and have more days of summer,” Andren said.

The last week has had the recurring topic of snow days, from complaining about not getting snow days to having another week break off school. Either way, students were given a week to relax and enjoy themselves before returning to school on Jan 21st.