Why WWIII Won’t Work

Thomas Davenport, Reporter

The American flag waves in the wind.

China is upset but will not leave Washington because of the strong trade relations between the United States. In 2008, China became the largest creditor to the United States and in November of 2014 the US and China issued a joint statement to reduce CO2 and if that isn’t enough, the two-year trade war with China is starting to calm down. This is from a deal that President Trump made with the Chinese vice-premier Liu He. Xi Jinping has said that the two countries should exercise extreme restraint.

Ali Khamenei, the leader of Iran, has been recognized as a smart and thoughtful leader. He knows that if he starts a war with the US it will end badly for the area which has already been war-ravaged for years. The people are tired and would like to focus on rebuilding rather than fighting a war that they will lose.

With this in mind, we will go to the last major superpower, Russia. Russia-Iran relations have been rocky and dormant in the past until very recently when Russia and Iran were sanctioned by the Western world. Putin has also said that the US vs Iran war would be a catastrophe. Putin has also been open to talks to increase relations between the US and Russia.

There are also many people not just in the US but from all around the world like Russia, China, Britain, Germany, France, the list goes on. It’s safe to say that most people don’t want another war like WWI and WWII where people were executed for their religion and swaths of soldiers were suffocating in trenches. If on the off chance that World War Three was going to happen it would most likely happen on the North eastern and eastern countries like Turkey, Norway, Poland and Ukraine. These countries would be captured by Russia in the first weeks of the war before the USA (NATO’s largest military spender) would be able to land a sizable force in the area.

With the USA’s military landing in the EU the Russian advance would come to a halt and a stand still. At this point Russia would call for a truce. However the amount of land that Russia would have captured would not be worth the loss of life and money. The tensions might be scary but a war between Iran and the US is unlikely, not to mention a world war.