Sehome Orchestra Holds Concert on Federal Holiday

Yoshimi Lin, Arts/Media Editor

On Monday, January 21st, Sehome High School held its winter concert in the main theater. Due to the consecutive cancellations of school from snow days, their original concert date of Tuesday, January 14th was moved to the Martin Luther King Holiday.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been a federal holiday since 1983 when a bill was signed off by President Ronald Reagan. The holiday takes place on the third Monday of January.


On January 15th, Kirstin Doud, orchestra director, sent an email out to students and families declaring that the concert had been rescheduled to be held on Monday, January 21st. Many students were aware that there would be a new concert date if school was canceled but weren’t expecting the performance to be held on a federal holiday.


The Bellingham School District had closed school starting on Tuesday, January 14th till Friday, January 17th due to the weather and snow conditions. As quoted from their announcement, “When school is closed, all school and district activities are canceled. This includes athletics, mandatory or voluntary practices/rehearsals, activities (including field trips and school/district facility rentals), and all meetings and events previously planned for before, after school and evening.” This prevented any school event to happen throughout the week and canceled the choir and band concerts as well.


Before the concert, Kirstin Doud, orchestra director stated how grateful she was about her students spreading the word when she sent out the email. She explained how she went out on a limb on having the concert on a holiday. “I wanted to have it before finals week and I wanted it soon so students wouldn’t be sick of the music,” Doud said. “I think they’ll do great because we were very prepared a week ago and we went into the week ready.”


The concert ran from start to end without a single break in the pieces. Starting at 7 p.m. all groups performed the pieces they have worked on since October. With the concert now being over, students are working on their quartets for Solo Ensemble taking place on Saturday, January 25th at Sehome High School. This will be a public event taking place all day with students from the San Juan Region coming to compete in the various music categories.

Setting up for the final piece of the night, both of Sehome’s Advanced and Intermediate Orchestra get ready to perform Silent Night. This was a combined piece that both orchestras had prepared and featured solos from a few of the players. “It was fun to be able to play with the freshman,” Nico Centurion (12) said. “(I think the concert) went really well.”