Mt. Baker Ski Szn

Dawson Grahn, Reporter

The ski season at Mt. Baker started off slow with hardly any snowfall. This caused the season to open up late. With big snow storms hitting the Northwest, it has been dumping on Mt. Baker. The base had little snow until January, where the base had 130 inches and at the summit had 170 inches. This means that there is more coverage over trees and bushes which causes more runs to be open. In past seasons, the base has had lots of snow. This season is getting better as it goes on, which is great for all skiers and snowboarders. 

A couple skiers and snowboarders taking a break in the middle of a powder day at Mt. Baker. “It was one of the best days of the year,” Jax Gudbranson (12) said.

With the recent snowstorms in the past month, this season is turning into a better year than initially expected. “This season is nice. There has been some very good powder, and it also has been very steezy. Additionally, it gave me a good opportunity to spend time with the boys. Even though the season has been off to a slow start, it has turned into a very exciting one. The mountain is getting a lot of inches, don’t let anyone tell you bigger isn’t better,” Ben Rosbach (12) said. When the season opens in mid December, it is usually a good sign that it’s not gonna be the best year of snow. But Mother Nature took a complete turn for the best. With the most snowfall in North America, many people wish that they could be in the Pacific Northwest skiing in one of the best ski resorts in the world.

Other seasons in the past have definitely been better. The most memorable years were 1998-1999, when Mount Baker had the most snowfall recorded in a season (1,140 inches).  Other years have a decent amount of snow and every once in a while they get very little snowfall. In 2014-15 Mount Baker only got 300 inches.  El Nino and La Nina play a significant factor in snowfall. This year, the average temperature is down 0.5 degrees Celsius from the average temperature, which helps the ski season with more snowfall and better quality snow.

With the recent snowfall, trees have been going down because they become very heavy and topple over. Because the trees aren’t used to that much weight, they just fall over and are a serious danger to drivers heading up to the mountain. “This year, we were driving up to Baker after New Years and a tree fell down and blocked the road for an hour. We got up after it was cleared and it turned out to be an overall good day at the mountain” Cam Hodges (12) said. Heading up to the mountain and being caught in these downed trees can be very annoying, but it is still worth  to head up the mountain on a year like this.