Treasure Island

The Final Play of the Decade

Brooks Frere, Reporter

Another play has passed, one of the first in the new theater. The play was “Treasure Island” and had six shows. It was full of action and many people new to Sehome drama. Originally written by Robert Louis Stevenson, the play is a very popular play for many schools.

Black Dog (Owen Lunny(12)  and Bill Bones (Ethan Finn(10) intensely fighting due to Bill Bones not paying back Black Dog or any other of his past shipmates.

The play is about, the main character Jim, played by Bry Finley (11), who owns an inn with her grandma, played by Genevieve Compain (10). A ship captain who owns a ship called The Walrus, then disrupts everything, but he did not last long as he was killed by his past shipmates. Jim and Grandma then decide to look through his chest and find a treasure map. Jim, Squire, Colin Gregory (12), and Doctor Livesly, Livia Cohen (11), go on a hunt to find the treasure, and hire a crew to help. They then continue to go on a large adventure meeting many people along the way, including Ben Gunn, Julian Dixey (11), who is the cannon boy from The Walrus who has been isolated on an island for three years and went completely insane. The play includes lots of deaths, action, sword fights, and more.

This year there were many underclassmen working in the play, Taiming Yuen-James (10), had never ran lights previous to the play and had cool and interesting setups with help from the tech director Laura McGowan. A majority of the tech crew was either new or underclassmen as many seniors have left and many new people have joined. The tech crew was able to get it done well, even though they were given less time than usual and were full of newcomers. There were very few tech mistakes and prop mistakes but were some issues with the Parrot and a gun.

Treasure Island cast posing for a picture on the theatre stage.

The stage manager of the show was Emily Dutton (10), who did it for the first time this year. The stage manager has an important job of running the show and making sure it goes how it was planned. The cast also used a microphone for only the second time in a play, which was overall disliked by the cast and ended up causing problems backstage. The fights that occurred during the play, were choreographed by Carly Williams, and this was her last play at Sehome as she works at Baay.

“Treasure Island”, overall, went well for the whole cast and crew, despite few mistakes. Sehome drama was able to do a very good depiction of the play treasure island. The cast was happy with how the play had turned out and so were people who were able to enjoy it in the new Sehome theater.