A Guide to Astrology

Rylie Nupcharoen, Reporter

Over many years people have looked to the stars for advice and guidance given by the placement of the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies at the time of your birth. Whether or not you believe in astrology there’s a lot of misconceptions on how it all works, and hopefully by the end of this article you will have a better understanding to the world of astrology.

A common misunderstanding with astrology is the thought that the only one of the twelve signs are representative of your personality and your horoscope, luckily we live in an age where we have plenty of resources in the palm of our hands, apps like Costar, The Pattern and many others that can provide you with a curated to match your individual birth chart, what’s a birth chart? (A birth chart is a series of twelve houses, twelve signs that are determined by the time place and date of your birth. This is were a lot of misconception comes in because people often think assume that their horoscope is solely based on their sun sign alone. But it’s really a full spectrum of different signs related to different parts of your identity that are all individually affected by the 12 placements as well.

Sun: Representative of yourself, your ego and identity. This is the one everyone knows based on the day of the month they were born, It’s the main bases of who you are deep down and how people perceive you from an outside perspective.

Moon: Determines emotions and the way you’re feeling. This sign will probably feel more accurate to who you are, it represents who you are when your by yourself and who you are when you’re comfortable.

Ascendant: Also known as the mask, the sign in this placement will affect your first impressions it’s a front you put up to people, when you are quite sure but it goes away the more you get to know someone.

Mercury: The mind planet, this often influences your learning style, communication, the way you think and speak.

Venus: The lovers planet, this sign will greatly affect your relationships, it determines the way you give love and the way you receive it and will lead you to the qualities you’re attracted to.

Mars: The sign in this placement will rule your aggression, the way you confront conflict and also takes part in creating the energy around your sex life and ambition.

Jupiter: A social planet, this will determine the way you express generosity and compassion, this will affect the way you interact with others and how you give and receive information

Saturn: the other social planet, this’ll affect your personal limits, setting boundaries for yourself, what you’ll be fearful of and how you’ll self discipline.

Uranus: Affecting a generation rather than individuals (7years), it will play a part in how other generations perceive your generation, factors like rebellion, innovation or how we make differences.

Neptune: Also affects a generation (14 years) it’ll lead us to our passions, imagination and intellectual pursuits.

Pluto: Last but not least, remaining in each sign for a duration of 30 years, rules drive for power, control and intensity.

Hopefully after all of that you have a better understanding as to how the planets rule different sectors of our lives. . Disclaimer: Astrology isn’t science based fact but it is a traditional system of studying the stars and can be super interesting to entertain the thought of, don’t take things to heart and have fun with it. Send your mom a quick text to see what time you were born and go on a deeper dive into the roots of your personality