What do ASB and Leadership do?

Gabriel Colman, Reporter

In the picture from left to right: Paili Airth (9) and Mahder Johnson (9) working on teachers posters for staff appreciation from the Leadership group.

At Sehome High School, we have an ASB and a Leadership group, but many people do not know what their role is in the school. Our ASB group is very diverse when it comes to students representing their grades; Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all part of this team. In general, Leadership/ASB’s main goal in the school is to “Create an inclusive culture for Sehome,” Drew Wheeler (10) said.

One of the many goals Leadership has is to “Get students input put in,” Noelle Smith (11) said. At Sehome, these groups make sure that everything goes according to what was planned, helping in organizing school events such as assemblies, BJTAC, spirit weeks, homecoming, BellingHome, etc. “Leadership and ASB both plan a lot of events, but ASB does most of the dances while Leadership does the spirit behind the dances, meaning getting people excited. ASB and leadership have to work together to make sure that they mesh,” Maryellen Burfeind, senior class representative, (12) said. “We do anything we can to show school spirit, lift others up, and help out in anyway,” Madison Dominguez (12) said.

Though they collaborate, Leadership and ASB are not the same group. “They’re definitely separate entities, but we are also very good at working together on a combined front to plan events,” Thomas Kanenaga (12), director of Sehome culture, said. “One big thing for ASB is that we fund a lot of clubs, so we allocate a lot of our funds to help with spirit days and help give money to sports and many clubs.”

“In ASB, we do the background kind of thing. We did the budgeting for Homecoming, we help find decorations, music, vendors, we rent all of the equipment – DJ’s, lights, everything – pretty much everything you see when you come into a dance is funded by ASB,” Kaya Sherwood-Bally (12), ASB vice-president, said.

“It’s cool to be in both. It’s cool to see the background because all the students get to experience the fun stuff, but we get to be a part of all the planning that makes it happen,” Burfeind said.