Winter Break Travels


Yoshimi Lin, Arts/Media Editor

Many students take winter break as a chance to travel to various places around the world. Whether it’s a short trip to a nearby city or even to a different country, winter break is a chance to take your mind off of the stress and time from school.

This year winter break is happening later than we have usually have had it in the past years. The break officially starts on the 21st of December and ends on the 5th of January. The break usually starts a week before Christmas and ending the week-day following New Year’s Day. With the changes in when winter breaks occurs, this has not stopped students from taking the time to go on vacation and take a break from school.

Ready for take off: With winter break just around the corner, many students are getting ready for their plans and trips to come. One of the places that Nico Centurion (12) will be traveling to is Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. “I’m looking forward to go golf caring around with my siblings,” Centurion said.

For winter break, Arden Hunt (12)  is going to Panama with her family to relax, hike, and snorkel. “I am looking forward to going somewhere I haven’t been before and relaxing with my family,” Hunt said. Hunt will be in panama for ten days.

Some people are taking the time to travel whereas some are taking the break to work. With the season starting up soon, Aine Dillon (12) is working at Mount Baker as a ski instructor. “This is my second year instructing”, Dillon said. “I love the energy and dedication of the kids and how chill everyone is.” Dillon teaches students ten and under working all of winter break and throughout the rest of the Mount Baker Ski Area.

Mount Baker is a local ski area located approximately 60 miles northeast of Bellingham, Washington. Baker is a popular recreational ski area many people go up to during the winter leading into the early spring.

Some people take the chance to stay in the states and fly down to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. For Nico Centurion (12), he plans to  celebrate the holidays with his family and go to.the beach as well. “(I’m going to Florida) to check out the place my parents want to live during retirement” Centurion said. “I’m also looking forward to go golf-carting around with my siblings.”

As the 2019 year comes to wrap, the break allows a time of travels and adventures. But not only does in open up time for trips to many places, it also allows a time of rest and relax anywhere in the world.