Student Side Hustles

Annie Frost, Reporter

College tuition, gas money, food, gifts, and clothing are only a few examples of the many reasons high school students look for ways to make money while in school. At a certain age, one starts to realize that lemonade stands and taking the neighbor’s trash out just doesn’t cut it anymore, and students start looking for part time jobs or side hustles where they can make some extra cash, especially during the holiday season. We interviewed a few teachers and students at Sehome to get some inspiration and suggestions for anyone who finds themselves in this position.

Ms. King crocheting a hat. While she now has a more reliable source of income, she still enjoys it as a hobby.

Ms. King, an art teacher at Sehome, had many ways of making money during her high school years. She describes her first job as working as an assistant dance teacher once a week through all of high school. “I also babysat several times a week for different families,” Ms. King said. “I was the best babysitter and always carried a bag with crafts and supplies in it. The kids loved me.” She also had a mini self-run crochet business and would sell personalized hats and mittens.

Many students find part-time jobs working at restaurants and fast food places on the weekends or after school hours. Autumn Lewis (11) works at the Mt. Bakery cafe and busses tables and seats customers. “It’s really cool, I get to meet a lot of interesting people and have good conversations.”

A part-time job is a great way for teenagers to gain some independence and responsibility, as well as an opportunity to gain other skills and make money on the side. Whether that means finding a job for the weekends, babysitting, or creating products to sell, there are many ways for students to make some extra cash.