Spirit of the Decade

Alaina Burrows, Reporter

Representing Sehome in the assembly Colin McCarthy (11), Maryellen Burfiend (12), Kali Martin (12), and David Deroy (12) show the school their green and gold spirit.

As a fourth year tradition at Sehome, the BellingHome battle is just around the corner. Leadership is planning to have two assemblies this year to get the school prepared for the game. The game includes a double header basketball game with. Bellingham and Sehome High School and lots of class competitions.

To start the week, Sehome and Bellingham are both having spirit weeks this week at the schools; for Sehome, Monday is meme day, Tuesday is tie dye Tuesday, Wednesday is wacky Wednesday, Thursday is festive sweater day and Friday is green and gold day. This spirit week is preparing the students to show as much school spirit as they can on Friday.

Jessica Melvin(12), Sophia Berger(12), Kaya Sherwood-Bally(12), Micah Dahiem(11), walk the runway during the assembly. Sherwood-Bally representing more than just Christmas during the catwalk wore her Hanukkah sweater to show spirit for all holidays.

On Friday, there will be another assembly explaining to students how they can participate and what the night will entail. At this assembly, leadership will be teaching minimal movement to the students to show what they can be doing in the audience as leadership performs Sehome’s skit/dance. Students have the opportunity to learn the skit during anchor. As well as performing the dance/skit, we will be revealing a boat that students Jacob Alexander (12), Ryan Doran (12), and Jackson Perkins (12) have built to show Bellingham our Mariner pride.

There will be many other smaller spirit competitions throughout the night and things will be judged by the unbiased Squalicum High School staff, including a banner reveal, sportsmanship, dance team, cheers, and many more. We took the victory last year, Mariners, and we are ready to do it again!

Bella Rutledge(12) and Payton Kapp(12) participate in meme day in the assembly, based off the iconic meme “road work ahead” Rutledge painted orange road signs to represent the meme. Rutledge looks forward to competing in the BellingHome battle and performing in the skit.