Holiday Traditions

Wyatt Rothenbuhler and Dawson Grahn

As the holidays approach many are excited for the upcoming break. And with the vacations approaching traditions are about to commence. At Sehome a wide variety of traditions are celebrated and The Rising Tide wanted to acknowledge a few of those.

Tree time: Here is the Wilson family picking out their Christmas tree for this year. “Can’t wait to see my family” Josie Wilson (10) said.

Josie Wilson (10) plays minute to win it games every year on Christmas Eve with her family and family friends around their Christmas tree. “We like to call them Christmas Eve Olympics,” Wilson said. They take these competitions extremely seriously and after winning they receive bragging rights for the rest of the year. “I always win,” Wilson said. 

Let’s go Fishing: Here is a lovely photo of Emily Welsh (12) and her family on a previous trip to Whidbey Island. “We were fishing in Honeymoon Bay,” Welsh said.

Emily Welsh’s (12) typical holiday tradition is spending the weekend on Whidbey Island, “My extended family and I spend the weekend after Christmas there,” Welsh said. But this year on the island they will be trying something a little new, they will be filming a reenactment of the “Lord of the Rings”. Welsh will be starring as Samwise.


Maximus Pavlosky (12) has two holiday traditions. One with his immediate family and another with his best friend. “My family and I make Polish wedding cakes every year,” Pavlosky said. He described the cakes as being very sweet and soft. “We frost our cakes and put nuts on them for the finishing touch,” Pavlosky said. His other tradition is exchanging socks with his friend, “Last year, I got her these awesome ones that looked like her dog,” Pavlosky said. 


KJ Mcdowell (9) family enjoys their Christmas movies. Every year his family members watch the grinch together “It’s pretty fun,” McDowell said, “It’s a good movie”. 


Frannie Flemming (12) has a tree decorating traditions with her younger brother and father. “Every year me and my brother take turns sitting on my dad’s shoulders and putting the star on the tree,” Flemming said. She really enjoys this tradition. Another tradition she has is filling a stocking full of dog treats for her puppy.