Plans after High School?

Marsaili Morin, Features Editor

Get to work: Sometimes bad things can happen when you are on the path of life, but they lead you to better things, “ I built fireplaces and did masonry work… I did that for almost eight years before I hurt my back and kind of had to quit, and I went back to college,” Lonnie Schang said.

It’s the holiday season, so that means students are seeing more and more of their family and friends. There is one question that is always asked as you’re giving hugs to people you haven’t seen in a while, ‘What do you want to do after High School?’. Being a Senior, that can be a scary question when you are trying to turn in college apps and applying for jobs, being a Junior, you think you have time, but really it’s just around the corner.

Time flies by, but some teachers are willing to give insight on how they found their path, and maybe it could help any of the Seniors or Juniors who are looking for their path. Lonnie Schang (ceramics teacher) was one of the lucky ones and knew who he wanted to be from the start, ““I knew what I wanted to do when I was in elementary school, I had a really great art teacher when I was in eighth grade and he was super inspirational,” Schang said. His journey wasn’t a straight line though, “It’s a complicated story… I went to Central Washington University for one year and I did well but I just wasn’t really into school that much, so I dropped out and worked all kinds of weird jobs.” 

Going Bananas: Mark Kerr suggests to students to not stress about college and jobs, try de-stressing. “I still did my applications and all that stuff, but it was a more easy going approach,” Kerr said.

Then, there’s Mark Kerr (social studies teacher). He had the same mindset that many students have at this point, “Some people had everything planned out, and I just said ‘I don’t know what I want to do, I’m still going to figure it out,’ so I was never really stuck on a certain path or idea,” Kerr said. As more and more students start looking at and applying to colleges, or not even knowing if they want to go to college, Kerr encourages that students, “de-stress by not having some drawn out stress.”

Light, camera, action: Kandace McGowan shows that she ended up where she was meant to be. “I had no idea that I wanted to be a teacher. I knew I liked working with kids as I got older,” McGowan said.

Figuring out what you want to do shouldn’t be done in one sitting. Sometimes it can take months or years to find what you want to do. Trying new things can benefit your decision because you can get a taste for what you like and dislike. “I had a lot of random jobs… I worked in theater, I worked as an actor, I worked as a stage manager and then I found myself constantly working in jobs that had to do with teaching,” Kandace McGowan (theater/english teacher) said. Looking to what you enjoy to do during your day, as in activities, can help you find where to start in a college search for academics or for a job search. There are all kinds of jobs in the world that can connect to your identity, but take your time so that you end up where you want to be. “Follow what you love, like what lights up your heart, and you’ll figure it out step by step,” McGowan said.