BellingHome Battle

Casey Crocker, Reporter

The Sehome and Bellingham rivalry is a long stretching one, lasting around half a century. The two schools battle every year and in every sport. The culmination of this great rivalry comes in the form of a basketball game that always takes place the week before winter break. This game is nicknamed “The BellingHome Battle,” for the implication that the winning team gets bragging rights in the town as the superior team that year. The game is highly attended every year, and alternates taking place at Sehome High School and Bellingham High School. This year the game is taking place on Friday, December 20th at Bellingham High School. Games will be played by the C-team, JV, and varsity teams for boys and girls. The most hyped of these games is the boys’ varsity game due to the halftime performances.

Colin Mccarthy (11) pulls up to shoot in
the boys varsity game against Bellingham
early in the season at the Sehome gym.

Nick Macphee (12), a starter on the boys’ varsity team, was asked about BellingHome Battle games from previous years. “Last year was great,” Macphee said. “It was a hard fought battle and we came out with the win.” He also spoke about the long lasting rivalry between the two teams. “The cross town rivalry has been going on for a while,” Macphee said. “Anytime you have schools that close it’s going to be competitive.” He also added, “It was super fun to be a part of that highly contested game, and to get the win.”

Nick Macphee (12) drives towards
the basket in the first game of the season against
Bellingham at the Sehome gym.

Micah Daheim (11), also a starter, spoke about his excitement for the upcoming game on Friday. “I’m very excited for the game on Friday because we lost to Bellingham at the beginning of the season,” Daheim said. “It’s a great opportunity to start league 2-0, and to play in an intense atmosphere.” Daheim also talked about the team’s preparation for the big game. “I think we’re ready for ready for the game Friday. We’ve been working hard in practice all week, better equipping ourselves for the upcoming game.”