Bellingham Cat Killer on the Loose


Crime Fighting: the Bellingham Police Department have conducted an in-depth investigation into the deaths of local cats.

Thomas Davenport, Reporter

Many people own pets, from dogs to birds, snakes, cats and even pet rocks. Recently, some cats have gone missing and found dead, primarily around the Maryland area. The Bellingham police believe that these deaths are related. It is believed that if this behavior continues, the killer may start attacking people instead of cats.

Some people feel very strongly about this situation.”I’m disappointed and angry that someone in our community feels the need to hurt and kill animals,” said Kaya Sherwood-Bally (12).  Sherwood-Bally identifies as an animal lover and plans to be a veterinarian. “This kid is obviously just a psycho, the best thing we can do is just catch him, lock him up and get him the help he needs,” said Sherwood-Bally.

The killer has been seen wearing all black and a camouflage/military style backpack. Sources say that citizens should be on the lookout when driving around at night. Losing a pet is an extremely heartbreaking and difficult to go through. The sooner this killer is caught, the safer people and pets alike will feel safe.