City Rock Basketball

Brooks Frere, Reporter

A popular alternative to school basketball for many Sehome students is City Rock Basketball. The league is run by Bellingham Boys’ and Girls’ Club and is open to players of all skills.

“It’s a good way to stay healthy with my friends,” Lucas Chatterton (12) said. “It’s less commitment which leaves more time for other things.” Many people enjoy the lower commitment because there are no required practices. Players that cannot commit to much can still have a great time because of the lack of structure.“I want to play basketball but school basketball is too much of a commitment,” Julius Ellison (12) said. It takes a lot of commitment to play Sehome basketball but many students still want to play, so City Rock is a great alternative.

Whatcom Weaboos celebrate a win at DQ after their game. “We played really well and won our first game on the season,” Garret Capristo (11) said.

After the first week of games, players are looking forward to their last games before break. Usually there is a JV and Varsity league, but this year, there were only enough teams for a Varsity league. This means skill will be an issue as some really good teams will be playing teams with players that are new to the game of basketball.

In the Varsity league, there are 13 teams from Bellingham and 2 from Ferndale. “It’s fun to watch players that I know on so many different teams,” Noelle Smith (11) said. Many people, along with Smith, love to watch all of the different teams play each other. This year, students at Sehome have four teams in the league.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Club also offers open gym to players on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Because games are on Mondays, students can practice three days a week to prepare for their next game or just to have fun and play some basketball.