Sehome Students Spreading Jazz

Cicely Bergsma, Reporter

You may have been wondering what the jazz band is up to this year? Well, you are in luck, The Rising Tide has done some investigation. According to Emily Welsh (12) jazz band has been traveling to elementary schools to gift them with musical accompaniment during lunch time. The band has a repertoire of songs suited to elementary schoolers amusement. “We have Linnea Devange singing with us for Orange Colored Sky and we have been working on Charlie Brown Christmas, which is really good and the kids always really like that,” Welsh said.

Jazz band doesn’t limit themselves to jazz, as one might expect. They actually have a diverse mix of songs and styles to entertain their young audience. “We like to kind of mix up the genre you know some rock, then some ballads then some swing, so we like to keep it exciting,” Welsh said. The jazz band does it all.

When asked about her experience playing for the elementary schoolers Welsh said, “I went to Happy Valley the other day and I got to go around and see all my old teachers and we played for all three lunches. So we got to see all the grades and it was really fun to see that they were really excited about it. ” The Rising Tide wasn’t the first journalistic source to investigate the jazz band playing at elementary schools. “A third grader interviewed us for the school newspaper and that was really cute,” Welsh said.

The jazz bands performances not only provide entertainment to younger children, but also inspires young musicians to become band members one day themselves. “It’s just really fun and hopefully some of these kids will join band,” Welsh said. “They kept asking me you know, how can I join band and how can I get behind one of these instruments.” Watching Sehome High School jazz players may be the push young kids need to find their own musical passions.

The jazz band also enjoys playing at elementary schools because of the enthusiastic response from their young audience “It’s nice because they are just so thankful,” Welsh said. “Because you know we play in the student lounge and people just kind of walk by, but when we play at the elementary schools at lunch it’s just silent. No one is talking.”  Elementary schoolers are excellent musical spectators due to their jubilance for the art of music as well as their respect for Welsh and other members of the jazz band.