Pixar Theory

Garret Capristo, Reporter

Growing up, Pixar has been a big part of a lot of people’s lives. Pixar movies love to leave clues in each of their movies, as little cameos from their other movies. These clues come together to show how all Pixar movies are all in the same universe, that tells one huge story throughout a timeline; this is the Pixar theory. Here you will see how the Pixar movies are connected in chronological order. The theory gets moving slow but starts getting interesting later on. (DISCLAIMER: SPOILERS AHEAD)

The first movie in the timeline is “The Good Dinosaur.” This takes place in prehistoric times which immediately refers us to the explanation that the Pixar universe is similar to our own with a slight difference. The asteroid misses earth and does not take out the dinosaurs. Millions of years later you can see that the dinosaurs develop a form of intelligence. You see this in the form of agriculture, ranching, and housing. Even with the intelligence that they have obtained, fate eventually catches up to them and makes the dinosaurs go extinct.

Poppa Henry watering his crops

The second movie in the timeline is “Brave.” This takes place in the 14th-15th century. It all begins when Merida tries to change her fate because she doesn’t want to get married against her will. She follows the Will of the Wisps into the forest to discover a strange witch in a wooden house. This witch utilizes magic and is the first time that magic is introduced into the Pixar Universe. The witches’ magic can move objects, open doors, change humans into other things, and even change the house completely from a room filled with wooden carvings to a room with a big cauldron and no carvings. Magic later leads to the uprising of superheroes thousands of years later.

The Witch holding up her wooden sculpture

The third and fourth movies in the timeline are “The Incredibles” and “The Incredibles 2.” These movies take place in the 1950s-1960s when the crime is at an all-time high. The Incredibles are a family of superheroes fighting against the supervillain Syndrome. Syndrome creates an A.I. (artificial intelligence) robot and zero-point energy rings. This is the first time A.I. is introduced into the Pixar Universe. Not only does the A.I. exist, but it also has a mind of its own. Later in the movie, you see that the robot starts learning other strategies and counters the Incredibles without its original programming. In “The Incredibles 2” the main supervillain introduces a technology screen that can control humans. This is later used in another Pixar movie.

Omnidroid terrorizes the city

The fifth and sixth movies in the timeline are “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2.” These movies take place in 1995 and 1997. This is the first time that the idea of humans giving life to objects is introduced into the Pixar Universe. The Toys learn that they have to thrive upon the love and memories from humans to stay alive. In Toy Story 2 you see that the Toys are starting to question their own lives and feelings, they also find out that it is dangerous for them to be alone without humans. You can see what happens to the Toys when they are starting to be forgotten by their owner. Due to the lack of human love towards the Toy, they losing their source of energy and that means they are starting to lose their life source.

Sid torturing the toys

The seventh and eighth movies in the timeline are “Finding Nemo/Dory” and “Ratatouille.” “Finding Nemo” takes place in 2003 and “Ratatouille” takes place in 2007. As seen in “A Good Dinosaur”, the animals were capable of gaining intelligence over the years, so by the time we see them, the fish have economies, school systems, and freeway systems. In Finding Dory, we see that humans are starting to pollute the earth; foreshadowing a big problem in the near future. Four years later, we see the first interactions between humans and animals in the Pixar universe. Remy is working to help chef Linguini. They seem to be getting along, but we see that the clan of rats shows hatred towards the humans. This is the first time animals show a hatred towards humans which will cause problems later on.

Remy and Linguini working together

The ninth movie in the timeline is “Inside Out.” These take place in the year 2007. “Inside Out” is all about the details of human emotions, this is the first movie where it shows that if a human’s memory is forgotten, whatever they forget won’t exist anymore. We see Bing Bong fall into the pit of the forgotten memory orbs and he disappears entirely. This adds to how human memories power the life of things. As long as something is remembered in anyone’s memory orbs they will continue to exist.

Bing Bong disappearing when falling into the pit of the forgotten memories

The tenth movie in the timeline is “Toy Story 3.” This also takes place in the year 2007 when Andy is much older and getting ready for college. “Toy Story 3” follows the same idea of the Toys being mistreated by humans but with a slight twist. The Toys start to make a community, and have a leader, and start to take action against humans. We’ve seen A.I.’s rebel against humans but never Toys or Animals. Along with rebelling against humans we see a slight glimpse of something that has a big impact on the Pixar Universe, we see the corporation BnL (Buy n Large) on the batteries they put into Buzz Lightyear, which we will see more of in the near future.

BnL batteries seen in Buzz Lightyear

The eleventh movie in the timeline is “Up”. It takes place during the years 2011-2016. Carl is forced to give up his house to the corporation BnL (Buy and Large).  After Carl is forced to leave, on his journey he meets Dug who is much more intelligent than other dogs. This is due to Charles Muntz’s ability to take animals that are smart and make them smarter with his own technology, you even see dogs flying planes. With animals getting smarter they start to rise up against the humans. This later leads to the tipping point on the war of humans and animals on pollution.

Charles Muntz technology helping the dogs be more intelligent

The next thirteenth and fourteenth movies take place over a span of a hundred years. “Cars” and “Cars 2” take place in the years 2100-2200. After the war on humans and animals on pollution breaking out, the humans had the upper hand. BnL stepped in to help the humans. The corporation BnL promised the humans that they will clean up the Earth when they’re in space in their luxury spaceship the Axiom, which you see later in “Wall-E.” BnL promises they will land back on Earth in only five years, but that was a lie. After sending down BnL’s Wall-E units, it took them over a hundred years before they came back to Earth. While humans were off the earth, Cars roamed the world. Cars gained life through their owners’ memory of their car. This all ties to the idea that human memories are a huge power source in the Pixar universe.  Many people argue that Cars doesn’t take place on Earth, but in “Cars 2” you can see the cars going to Europe and Japan. When traveling around the World you can see there are no humans around but you can see one Wall-E unit zooming by, you can even start to see BnL advertisements on race tracks in the movie. Allinol was the main source of fuel for these cars but they were owned by BnL. The use of Allinol eventually polluted the whole Earth due to its use of oil, making human life unsustainable.

A Wall-E unit zooming by during LIghting Mcqueen’s race

The fifteenth movie in the timeline is “Wall-E.” “Wall-E” takes place in the years 2800-2900. When Earth has become uninhabitable for hundreds of years due to BnL. You even see many items from past movies in the “Wall-E” junkyard. The corporation started to appear all the way back in the 1950s when Syndrome invented the A.I. smart enough to have a mind of its own. Wall-E is officially the last machine on Earth. The people in space start to forget about the Earth as a whole after the many years of being distracted by A.I. making their living space amazing so they don’t worry about it. You see the screens that draw humans in and distract them from anything else used in “The Incredibles 2.” With these screens being used on the Axiom, humans forget about the Earth as a whole. In “Wall-E” the commander has to look up pictures of Earth just to remember it. These are why the cars died, they were forgotten by their owners which took away their main source of life. Wall-E and Eve return a living plant to the captain while trying to be stopped by the bad A.I. but, Wall-E and some other good A.I. team up against the bad A.I. with the humans and send the Axiom back down to earth. Humans began to start a new world. In the end scenes of “Wall-E” you see a big tree grown out of the little plant in the boot that was brought to the Axiom.

The little plant grows into a tree at the end of “Wall-E”

The sixteenth movie in the timeline is “A Bugs Life.” It takes place in the years 2898-3000. At the beginning of “A Bugs Life”, you see their home based around a tree. This is the same tree in the end credits of “Wall-E.” Before the pollution happened, insects had a life span of only 3 months. After the humans on the Axiom start a community on earth, the bug’s life span becomes much longer due to radiation. In “A Bugs Life”, the ants all survive an entire summer, and allude to being around for quite some time. One ant states that he “feels 90 again.” Throughout the movie, you don’t see a lot of humans because of how recent life has been on Earth. Due to evolution, mutated genes, and radiation, humans and animals turns into monsters thousands of years later.

The same tree as seen in “Wall-E” in “A Bugs Life”

The last two movies in the timeline are “Monsters University” and “Monsters inc.” These movies take place in the years 4500-5000. After the radiation affects humans and animals, the monsters are taught how to scare properly to gain the most energy they can. Throughout the movie you see how human emotions and feelings are being used to power things but in “Monsters Inc” it is their main source of power. Without humans around they use magical doors to go back in time to get their energy from humans. Although time travel sounds crazy it all makes sense. In the end credits of “Finding Nemo” you can see Mike Wazowski swimming by, and you can even see some of the toys from “Toy Story” on Boos floor, which took place thousands of years ago. Later in the movie they find out that making the kids laugh is a better source of energy. This is because when going back in time there was so much crime going on (which was shown in “The Incredibles”) that kids were already scared so it was hard to gain energy from scaring them. “In Inside Out” it shows that a majority of kids memories are filled from the emotion of Joy. This is why it is easier to get energy by making kids laugh instead of being frightened. After harvesting all of their energy, Sully eventually has to say goodbye to his good friend Boo.

Jesse from “Toy Story” Seen on the floor of Boo’s room

This last part of the theory ties up the beginning and the end together. The theory is that the old witch in “Brave” is actually Boo. Boo never really got over Sully, and became determined to find him. After she remembers that doors were the key to get to Sully, using the wooden door in her room, she time travels back to the Will of Wisps to the main source of magic. There’s evidence of this where in her wood carvings they are all bears which resembles Sully and you can even see Sully and a pizza truck which didn’t exist in the 15th century. Although she can time travel through the doors and utilize magic through the Will of Wisps, she doesn’t know what time period he existed or where he was. On a good note, by going back in time she remembers Sully before he existed which creates an infinite loop of memory of him which means Sully will always exist.

Sully carved into the wood of the Witch

That is the theory on how all movies in the Pixar universe are connected in one continuous timeline. From “The Good Dinosaur” to “Monsters Inc” in a span of millions of years. With new Pixar movies coming out soon, people are curious about how they will fit into the universe, but Pixar will always find a way to connect the movies. If you have any questions about The Pixar theory or how certain movies fit into the theory you can contact The Rising Tide.