Disney+: Is It Worth It?

Coleman Brummel, Sports Editor

Disney + streaming service and all the main series’ that it includes. (Photo courtesy of Disney.)

On November 12th, the new streaming service Disney+ came out in the U.S, Canada, and the Netherlands. The streaming service will include many Disney classics, the Star Wars saga, Marvel, National Geographic, and a variety of Pixar movies and shows. With all of these options it seems like a really good deal. But is it really worth the $6.99 a month?

Disney+ was super hyped up when it first came out and many flocked to buy it. One of these people, Dominik Riemann (12), was beyond ready for it to come out. “I’m a big Star Wars fan, so I was extremely excited for The Mandalorian,” Riemann said. “Disney + was completely worth it and I would recommend it to lots of other Disney fans.” 

On the contrary, some think Disney made the wrong move in making their own streaming service. Liam Hooker (12) thinks that Disney shouldn’t have made the service at all. “I think Disney should have fully partnered with Netflix so that we could have one big streaming service,” Hooker said. “It’s too complicated with two services because I really like Disney and Netflix, and I don’t want to pay for both.”

Disney + and other streaming services do their own things very well. People should be thinking about what shows they best to determine what streaming service they buy. By the opinion of many, you can’t have just one because of the diversity of shows. This could be a key flaw in the streaming service market and eventually, someone will find a way to make them all into one.