Sehome Football Coach Wins Seahawks Coach of the Week

Coleman Brummel and Alaina Burrows

Every week, the Seattle Seahawks and United Healthcare announce their pick for coach of the week. On November 6th, they announced that Kevin Beason, Sehome football’s head coach, was a winner for that week along with Masaki Matsumoto of Lincoln High School.

Kevin Beason, Sehome football’s coach and Seahawks coach of the Week. (Photo courtesy of The Seattle Seahawks)

Beason started coaching Sehome in 2017 and immediately flipped the team around. He led the Mariners to an astounding 8-2 record and the playoffs in 2019. “I am so proud of our program and this award is great recognition of the constant work put in by our players, staff, and administration,” Beason said. This season has been an absolute success for the Mariners, and Beason getting coach of the week was just the cherry on top.

In upcoming years, Beason hopes to continue this success and keep getting better. He wants to ensure that the football community at Sehome is supportive on and off the field. “In the upcoming year we want to continue to build a program that our families, school, and community can be proud of; both on and off the field,” Beason said. “We want to live lives of significance in the classroom, at home, and on the football field.” Continuing to improve is one of the football teams many goals for next season. 

Sehome has lots to look forward to in the next few years with a football team that exceeded expectations this year. Beason and his team will continue to work hard and bring a new chapter to Mariner football.