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Who We Should REALLY Celebrate This November

Native American Cultural Heritage Month

Cicely Bergsma, Reporter

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  • Presidential Forerunners UPDATE 4


    Presidential Forerunners UPDATE 4

  • The cast of "Parasite" receiving their award at the Oscars.


    Oscars Recap

  • Science Prep Season:
Science Olympiad had its second work party of the season and students are studying and preparing on their events. Keller Morrison (11) who is one of the 12 team members of Science Olympiad is looking forward to the competition date. "I like the days of the competition. It’s a really cool experience to be around people who have the same goals as you." Morrison said. "Sehome shows up with the most people."


    Spring Science

  • Time to stop Horsing around- At Sehome High School


    Animals Are Best If You’re Stressed

  • President Donald Trump speaking after being found innocent after the senate voted to not remove Trump from office.


    Trump Is Not Being Removed From Office

  • In this picture we can see the destruction of a car next to the airport as a result of the airstrike at the Baghdad Airport.


    Airstrikes in the Middle East

  • Joshua the Heretic


    Joshua the Heretic

  • Human Rights Day: This year we celebrate the 71st anniversary since the declaration in 1948 of the Human Rights Day. 

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    December’s Hidden Holiday

  • Crime Fighting: the Bellingham Police Department have conducted an in-depth investigation into the deaths of local cats.


    Bellingham Cat Killer on the Loose

  • Bridge Building Skillz:
The annual bridge building competition will be held on January 14th and 15th in Mark Toney


    It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Who We Should REALLY Celebrate This November